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Dave is a local amateur scuba diver based in the south west of England.

About Us

Lost Shipwrecks

It all started a few months ago when Dave was reading an old book about Cornish shipwrecks, he read about an East India Company ship called the Albemarle that sank in 1708 off the Cornish coast in England.  The Cornish coast has a reputation for ferocious gales and unforgiving rocks along the coastline.  On the night of 11th of December 1708 she hit the rocks and was smashed to pieces.

Ship Full Of Diamonds

Now it wasn’t unusual for ships to be sunk in this way but whats interesting is that the Albemarle has never been found and the precious cargo of diamonds has yet to surface after 300 years at the bottom of the sea.

Finding The Wreck

Dave has made it his quest to locate the wreck and bring the diamonds to the surface.  I am filming the whole journey on 4k HD underwater cameras and inviting you to come along and watch the search via my Youtube channel, cunningly named ‘ Treasure Divers ‘ .  I have put a great deal of effort and money into the project and hope to pick up a scuba gear manufacturer to sponsor and help with the ever mounting cost of specialist equipment.

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